Release notes "snooperator"


Release date 23.09.2020
  • Support for white label apps
  • Changed video default settings
  • Button to reset size and rotation of images and videos
  • Changes of product category in product setup
  • Excel import
  • Various UI optimizations
  • Bug fixes


Release date 27.07.2020
  • Copy scene now contains all data
  • Improvements in the editor
  • Support for trusted partners
  • Bug fixes


Release date 27.07.2020
  • Grid alignment system
  • Data size checker
  • Multi level buttons
  • Support for QR/EAN-Code
  • New feature Experience-to-go
  • Support of transparent videos
  • Possibility to set video as loop and hide controls
  • Improvements on positioning elements in editor


Release date 23.04.2020
  • Added product type to product setup
  • Added video to go
  • Added age restrictions
  • Several editor improvements
  • Further improvements and bug fixes


Release date 03.02.2020

  • Reworked UI and optimization of the snooperator
  • New action type “phone number”
  • Add own “relive” image
  • Further improvements and bug fixes


Release date 03.02.2020
  • Possibility to set up different experiences per country
  • Add product categories for products
  • New experience element “phonecall”
  • Support for white label apps
  • Optimisation of snoopstar experience editor
  • “Button sets” renamed to “scenes” which not only saved buttons but all experience elements
  • Improved statistics for snoopstar clients


Release date 01.10.2019
  • Auto save functionality
  • Possibility to scale images, videos and buttons proportionally
  • Rework of snoopstar experience editor
  • Update to newer font awesome version


Release date 08.07.2019
  • Button image quality improvement
  • myPIM export channel to snoopstar
  • Zooming function for snoopstar experience editor


Release date 08.04.2019
  • Target duplicate check


Release date 14.01.2019
  • Scaling of buttons
  • Delete own buttons
  • New experience element “design own buttons” with font awesome icons and other styling elements
  • New experience element “video playback”
  • New experience element “audio playback”
  • New experience element “image”
  • Sort function for the button library


Release date 12.09.2018
  • Create recognition/snoop targets with live preview
  • Product / target listing
  • Manage and edit products/targets
  • Manage product fields
  • Cut image tool on upload window
  • Integrate recognition service
  • Rating system for the recognition quality of a target
  • Change recognition area of target
  • snoopstar experience editor
  • Count recognitions for statistics
  • Possibility to create image buttons on a target image
  • Public button designs
  • Save buttons as private sets
  • Manage private button sets
  • Add product informations of a target, which are shown on the info button and on the wish list
  • Autoplay content on recognition
  • Enable/disable products/targets for recognition
  • Preview target image
  • Import product information from excel
  • Login and forgot password functionality
  • Set depth positioning for buttons
  • Zoom in/out live preview of snoop experience

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