Let’s be honest: Nowadays we have many possibilities to buy or sell products, to evaluate them or just to find out information. But “many” can quickly turn into “too many.” One app that brings all our options together is therefore a great idea. And where it starts getting really clever is when augmented reality creates completely new dimensions for your marketing: for example, virtual links to your web shop, videos, user instructions, cross-selling or any call-to-action. Whether it’s posters, ads, competition handbills or packaging: snoopstar makes more out of your brand. Customers have everything they need in the palm of their hands to allow them to directly find out everything you want to tell them about your product.

The special features: from us.
The product: from you.

We tell it the way it is: snoopstar makes your brand better. More exciting. More transparent. More direct. snoopstar’s features make your products more tangible. And your customers happier.


Thanks to the snooperator, you can set up your products for virtual recognition for your customers in no time at all. Whether it’s posters, advertisements, competition handbills, packaging or photos. The possibilities are limitless.
Try it!

Easy Handling

Predefined fields make it easy to collect the necessary information. If you want, simply import your data from a PIM system (for example myPIM from myWorkflow). Thanks to our flexible accounting system, you can precisely control your budget. Add as many products as you want for your customers. There’s no limit.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality offers you exciting, playful ways to interact with your customers. And thanks to smartphone LEDs, even in dark places, too: in the evening at the club or out and about in the city.

Simple Navigation

Via virtual navigation buttons, your customers can access all the information you want to provide them. And last, but not least: a direct purchase option.

Smart List

For even more service, we offer your customers a watch list. This allows them to access information about your products as often as they want, even when they don’t have them in front of their camera lens.


Data protection has maximum priority at snoopstar. That’s why don’t collect or store any personal data. For your customers this means: no registration or login.

Products that can be experienced.
Noticeable added value.

Living products

Augmented reality transforms your products into a completely new experience. They come to life and present themselves, as it were. Added to that, there’s a lot more information available.


The snooperator makes your products “AR-ready.” You control which information or calls-to-action are virtually provided.

Rewards marketing

Thanks to the low entry price, you get an optimal CPM, which you can measure at any time using our statistics software.

Mobile payment

Pay easily via PayPal or credit card. You’d prefer another way of settling your account? Just talk to us.

Good job

Product information is automatically stored in our high-performance back-end PIM. You don’t have a PIM system for your products yet? We are happy to help you make our in-house suite myPIM the centerpiece of your marketing team. Even a connection to your SAP system is possible or a mass upload via Excel from your merchandise management system.

How to Use

Take your brand to a new dimension. Expand the product experience of your customers. How? Watch our video.

The best things come in a package.
Including transparent pricing.

Best thing about snoopstar: No brand is too big and no product too small. snoopstar offers extremely flexible payment models and has the right package for everyone.

Even more snoopstar.
Even more service.

If you simply don’t have the time in your hectic schedule to publish your products in snoopstar, link to them or add your information: No worries! We will be happy to help you. We support you in the creation, maintenance and administration of your products.

Even if you prefer to create your own database for images or product information, with which you can maintain the snoopstar channel even faster and more easily. Or if you want to provide other channels (agencies, press, Amazon, your website or marketing materials) with information. We are your competent partner. Just call us or send us an e-mail.

We can feel it:
You want to be a snoopstar.

Try what it’s like to be a snoopstar. Book the Starter Package. Place a product, ad, poster or whatever in snooperator and take your brand to a new dimension.

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