Welcome to the augmented reality technology platform for brands. snoopstar was recently appointed by Deutsche Telekom to its TechBoost programme, making it one of the leading companies in the field of innovation and digital transformation. As a market leader in AR, snoopstar connects the printed, analogue world with the augmented, digital world. Brands get a whole new dimension in their communication strategy. Print gets added value and moving images. snoopstar can be experienced, for example, in ALDI Süd’s weekly flyer, in both the Douglas and WMF customer magazines, in the offer flyers of Telekom and in print ads and city light posters for Sensodyne. Explore more in the “Cases” section.

snoopstar places print center stage

By integrating augmented reality and artificial intelligence, snoopstar can link any print medium to customer-specific multimedia content.

Packaging, advertisements, banknotes, club cards – even the smallest piece of print can be transformed to create an entirely new brand experience. Whether you want to communicate pure emotions or a competitive USP, snoopstar makes it all possible.

snoopstar can be integrated into any brand communication architecture, uniting the vertical touch points and increasing sales and image efficacy.

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Original banknote as an international promotional medium.

A launchpad for the future of brand experiences!

Moving images, whether on- or offline, are the most cost-intensive components of any brand experience. It’s moving images that move people. snoopstar turns your print ad into a cinematic blockbuster.
snoopstar opens up a whole world of new possibilities in brand management and brand building. With snoopstar, you can digitally link moving images to any print medium.

Whether it’s your brand image or sales figures, snoopstar supports every marketing goal. On all your print media!


Newspapers, magazines, catalogues, adverts


Mailings, newspaper inserts, leaflets


Displays, brochures, wobblers, window displays


Citylights, posters, billboards


Boxes, cans, labels, banderoles

And many more

Club cards, exhibition stands, banknotes

snoopstar harnesses the power of innovative technologies

snoopstar is based on Augmented Reality Intelligence® (ARI) – a unique combination of augmented reality and augmented intelligence.

For the first time ever, ARI®’s unique technologies make it possible to combine a print-based brand presence with target group-specific moving image content. snoopstar draws up a clearly defined customer behavior profile to ensure targeted market penetration.

The snoopstar technology ecosystem consists of the snoopbank, the snooperator and the snoopstar app. All of the products and services in this combination are registered and protected worldwide.


Try it out yourself!

It’s that simple: just download the snoopstar app onto your mobile phone, snoop the pizza box and dive into a whole new virtual world! Have fun!
It’s easy! Just download the snoopstar app onto another mobile device, snoop the pizza box and dive into a whole new virtual world! Have fun!

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