Telekom customers can experience a magenta miracle thanks to snoopstar

Video afspelen
Video afspelen

This flyer’s got it all. After all, Telekom has done more than simply distribute 10 million copies to ¼ of all German households. The flyer is also specially enhanced – with a unique brand experience. Thanks to the help of snoopstar, customers can virtually immerse themselves in a fantastic Telekom experience on every page. At the push of a button, they receive additional information, extra content and far more entertainment than a flyer can normally offer.

And the cooperation between snoopstar and Telekom will continue. The upcoming flyer on the topic of fixed-line networks and the next More Magenta magazine will feature new dimensions in customer communication. All thanks to snoopstar.

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Open the snoopstar app, point your phone at the product and dive into the world of Telekom.

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