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It truly is a customer magazine worthy of its name: Mehr Magenta magazine is published twice a year, is available in over 700 Telekom shops and, thanks to its intelligent mix of entertainment and information, appeals to every Telekom customer. Its 90 pages are filled with entertaining articles, interesting news, and price overviews. And recently, also great videos, great animations, and direct links.
Thanks to snoopstar, customers can easily switch from the real world to the virtual one on over 20 pages. Where there was just a piece of paper only a moment ago, they now see and hear a film with Christian Ulmen, are carried away by the power of 5G, immerse themselves in the world of Disney or link directly to the Telekom Shop.
By adding emotional product messages, expanded content and an interactive approach, snoopstar increases the customer’s qualitative communication with the brand and thus ensures improved customer loyalty. And increased anticipation of the next Mehr Magenta magazine, which will also be brought to life thanks to snoopstar.

By the way: our Analytics Dashboard gives a precise overview of what content readers have interacted with – an ideal basis for optimizing the next issue of the magazine.

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