An illuminated poster with bite – snoopstar brings the Sensodyne poster to life.

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Backlit posters are real eye-catchers. And in Germany’s largest cities, Sensodyne posters now not only transport viewers into a fantastic virtual world, but also save them money – with the help of snoopstar.

Because with the help of snoopstar, consumers can bring 1,800 backlit posters in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich to life. Instead of a single image, an animated video suddenly draws highlights to the problem of aching teeth. Direct links lead users to more detailed information about the causes and provide useful tips.
But the absolute highlight of this promotion is the 50% discount voucher, which can be downloaded directly on site – an attractive purchase incentive for all Sensodyne customers (and for anyone who’d like to become one).

All in all, this poster promotion was a very successful event, with which Sensodyne was able to put a radiant smile on the faces of its customers.

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