The GWA, the German Association of Communication Agencies, is using snoopstar for its advertising.

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snoopstar doesn’t just offers companies and brands decisive added value. Agencies also benefit from the special augmented reality app because they can now offer their clients an impressive brand experience.

So what could be more obvious than positioning snoopstar with advertising agencies – through a cooperation with the GWA!

The first result of this cooperation is the full-page Effie Award display in the Horizont. Anyone who snoops the Effie logo will see a video of GWA vice-president Larissa Pohl and get direct access to extensive further information about the Effie.

In a second step, users can snoop the GWA Yearbook, a publication in which the country’s leading advertising agencies present themselves to potential customers. It is published at the end of the year and sent out to more than 5,000 CMOs. What’s so special about it? The agencies now have the possibility to snoop up their own pages and integrate moving images into their presentations for the first time. This allows them to present their creative performance to readers not only as illustrations, but also in multimedia form – that’s an impressive way of demonstrating their entire expertise.

You want to snoop and experience the effie at youself?

Open the snoopstar app, point your phone at the Effie logo and experience the world of Effie.

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