This coffee will never leave you cold – snoopstar is helping Nordica to sell its aromatic coffee.

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Nordica is a young coffee company that sells its products via Media Markt, Saturn, Experts and Edeka, and other well-known German stores. Nordica is dedicated to one thing above all others: quality. This is evident from the hand-picked selection of growers, the sustainable cultivation of the beans and the traditional extended roasting process, during which the coffee beans develop their special aroma in a roasting machine that is over 60 years old.

However, when it comes to marketing its products, Nordica has its eyes focused firmly on the digital future. To kick off its digital revolution, Nordica has snooped three of its coffee varieties with the help of snoopstar. B2B as well as end customers can dive into a fantastic virtual world with just a single click. In addition to the increased emotional impact, they also gain access to a whole host of interesting facts about the products. You should take your time to check out these snoops – preferably, while drinking a delicious cup of coffee.

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